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Latest in Delivery Innovation

Why customer loyalty and delivery excellence must be at the heart of retailers’ strategies?

Below is an article republished with permission from our partner, Milkman Technologies. Persuading customers to pay more for delivery is a key focus for many retailers. The problem is that customers like it when they...

Australian pharmacies moving to omnichannel

Due to a combination of lack of Government regulation and lack of competitive pressure, Australian pharmacies were caught short during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The pace of change in this space is accelerating, and it needs...

Volvo Sees Three Paths to Decarbonize Trucking

Volvo Group expects a near-term convergence of biofuel, battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric-powered trucks as the industry, in the U.S. and in Europe, begins to adopt transformative and disruptive technologies aimed at eliminating...

Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing

Reference: Lim, S.F.W.T. and Winkenbach, M. 2019. Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing. California Management Review, 61(2): 132-154.

UPS Expects 40% Jump in Vaccine Doses Next Week, Peak in May

This article discusses how UPS and FedEx have prioritized shipping COVID vaccines out and how that will continue to increase over the next couple of months as the CDC is slowly  opening up tiers...

How Target is Using Stores to Fulfill Online and Same Day Delivery Orders

Target first began doing same day delivery for their online orders back in 2017 when they partnered with a last-mile delivery company, Shipt, which is similar to that of Instacart. When Target first launched...

Royal Mail is introducing a Sunday parcel delivery service for major retailers

Royal Mail is introducing a Sunday parcel delivery service for major retailers. In the next month, a number of retail brands will begin trialling Royal Mail’s new Sunday delivery service across the UK. Royal Mail...

Release Time Scheduling and Hub Location for Next-Day Delivery

Yaman, H., Karasan, O.E. and Kara, B.Y., 2012. Release time scheduling and hub location for next-day delivery. Operations research Abstract Inspired by a real-life problem faced by one of the largest ground-based cargo companies of Turkey, the...

An Exact Solution Framework for Multitrip Vehicle-Routing Problems with Time Windows

Paradiso, R., Roberti, R., Laganá, D. and Dullaert, W., 2020. An exact solution framework for multitrip vehicle-routing problems with time windows. Operations Research Abstract Multitrip vehicle-routing problems (MTVRPs) generalize the well-known VRP by allowing vehicles to perform multiple...

Urban Consolidation Center or Peer‐to‐Peer Platform? The Solution to Urban Last‐Mile Delivery

Deng, Q., Fang, X. and Lim, Y.F., 2020. Urban Consolidation Center or Peer‐to‐Peer Platform? The Solution to Urban Last‐Mile Delivery. Production and Operations Management. Abstract The growing population in cities and booming e‐commerce activities create huge demand...

Retail Deliveries by Drones: How Will Logistics Networks Change?

Perera, S., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G. and Mookerjee, V., 2020. Retail Deliveries by Drones: How Will Logistics Networks Change?. Production and Operations Management, 29(9), Abstract Emerging technologies such as drone delivery services enable retailers to cost‐effectively offer...

Former UPS executive’s SPAC Logistics Innovation Technologies files for a $400 million IPO

Logistics Innovation Technologies, a blank check company led by a former UPS executive targeting the logistics industry, filed on Friday with the SEC to raise up to $400 million in an initial public offering.The...

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