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Food Value Chains

Covid Powered Shift to Food Delivery Apps

There were around 550,826,378 new Google Play Store downloads globally for food and drink apps between the beginning of March 2020 and April 2021, a 33% year-on-year increase.   Source: https://retailtechinnovationhub.com/home/2021/5/11/research-shows-huge-covid-powered-shift-to-food-delivery-apps

Food-delivery services adapting to the grocery business

  During covid-19 many food delivery apps have found a way to thrive and grow their businesses capitalizing on their ability to provide food to their customers for an affordable price. Along with this growth,...

Delivery Innovation

Walmart Launches Logistical Revolution

Following is an excerpt of the full article written by Mark Friedman at Arkansas Business. The Bentonville retail giant, locked in brutal combat with Amazon for online sales, is counting on Symbotic, an automation firm...

Residential Contactless Preferences Extend To Package Deliveries

By Matthew Knoff, VP. Service & Fulfillment, Position Imaging Many of today’s multi-family dwellings are mixed-use complexes that include retail and office locations in the same building. Residents living in these buildings have grown accustomed...

Walmart Automates Warehouses Amid Focus on Global Supply Chain Weak Points

Following is an excerpt of the full article written by Sindhu Sundar at WWD. The retailer said it is teaming up with robotics company Symbotic to implement new automation technology in dozens of regional distribution...

Lockers Innovation

Why Parcel Lockers are better than EV? They reduce traffic congestion!

I think that most would agree that reducing the number of delivery vans constantly circulating on our busy streets would be a very desirable outcome. This would arguably be even more attractive than replacing...

Parcel lockers in Poland: Boom or just a war of declarations?

The largest logistics operator of e-commerce parcels in Poland and the owner of the largest APM network, InPost currently has 11,000 devices and is still dynamically developing its network of Paczkomaty®. Now let's summarize the...

DHL has achieved its target for 2021 and already has 7,000 parcel lockers. What...

In February 2019, DHL announced that by 2021 it would launch 7,000 parcel machines in Germany. He kept his word, in recent days the last of the 7,000 parcel machines has been installed. But that's not...


Australian pharmacies moving to omnichannel

Due to a combination of lack of Government regulation and lack of competitive pressure, Australian pharmacies were caught short during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The pace of change in this space is accelerating, and it needs...

Lowe’s fulfills 60% of online orders from stores, moving 6-times faster

Starting in 2019, Lowe’s began implementing new processes to their supply chain to improve efficiencies and cut costs. The article quoted this process to be at approximately $1.7 billion dollars. Because Lowe’s is switching...

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