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Management Science

Value of High-Quality Logistics: Evidence from a Clash Between SF Express and Alibaba

Cui, R., Li, M. and Li, Q., 2020. Value of high-quality logistics: Evidence from a clash between SF Express and Alibaba. Management Science, 66(9) Abstract Consumers regard product delivery as an important service component that influences their shopping...

Economies of Scale and Scope in Hospitals: An Empirical Study of Volume Spillovers

Freeman, M., Savva, N. and Scholtes, S., 2020. Economies of scale and scope in hospitals: An empirical study of volume spillovers. Management Science.   Abstract General hospitals across the world are becoming larger (i.e., admitting more patients each...

When Corporate Social Responsibility Backfires: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment

List, J.A. and Momeni, F., 2020. When corporate social responsibility backfires: Evidence from a natural field experiment. Management Science.       Abstract This paper uses a natural field experiment to connect corporate social responsibility (CSR) to an important but...

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Shared Mobility for Last-Mile Delivery: Design, Operational Prescriptions, and Environmental Impact

Qi, W., Li, L., Liu, S. and Shen, Z.J.M., 2018. Shared mobility for last-mile delivery: Design, operational prescriptions, and environmental impact. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Abstract Two socioeconomic transformations, namely, the booms in the sharing economy...

Preorder Price Guarantee in e-Commerce

Pang, Z., Xiao, W. and Zhao, X., 2021. Preorder price guarantee in e-commerce. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 23(1), pp.123-138.     Abstract Problem definition: With the development of the internet and e-commerce, retailers often offer preorders for new, to-be-released products....

Supplying to Mom and Pop: Traditional Retail Channel Selection in Megacities

  Ge, J., Honhon, D., Fransoo, J.C. and Zhao, L., 2021. Supplying to mom and pop: Traditional retail channel selection in megacities. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 23(1), pp.19-35. Abstract Problem definition: Nanostores are traditional, small and independent retailers that...

Journal of Business Logistics

The Last Mile: An Examination of Effects of Online Retail Delivery Strategies on Consumers

Esper, T.L., Jensen, T.D., Turnipseed, F.L. and Burton, S., 2003. The last mile: an examination of effects of online retail delivery strategies on consumers. Journal of Business logistics, 24(2), 177-203. Abstract The Internet has increased the level of...

Crowdsourcing Last-Mile Delivery: Strategic Implications and Future Research Directions

Castillo, V.E., Bell, J.E., Rose, W.J. and Rodrigues, A.M., 2018. Crowdsourcing last mile delivery: strategic implications and future research directions. Journal of Business Logistics, 39(1), pp.7-25. Abstract The rise of e‐commerce over the past 20 years has created an...

The rise of crowd logistics: a new way to co‐create logistics value

Carbone, V., Rouquet, A. and Roussat, C., 2017. The rise of crowd logistics: a new way to co‐create logistics value. Journal of Business Logistics, 38(4), pp.238-252.

Operations Research

Release Time Scheduling and Hub Location for Next-Day Delivery

Yaman, H., Karasan, O.E. and Kara, B.Y., 2012. Release time scheduling and hub location for next-day delivery. Operations research Abstract Inspired by a real-life problem faced by one of the largest ground-based cargo companies of Turkey, the...

An Exact Solution Framework for Multitrip Vehicle-Routing Problems with Time Windows

Paradiso, R., Roberti, R., Laganá, D. and Dullaert, W., 2020. An exact solution framework for multitrip vehicle-routing problems with time windows. Operations Research Abstract Multitrip vehicle-routing problems (MTVRPs) generalize the well-known VRP by allowing vehicles to perform multiple...

Production and Operations Management

Urban Consolidation Center or Peer‐to‐Peer Platform? The Solution to Urban Last‐Mile Delivery

Deng, Q., Fang, X. and Lim, Y.F., 2020. Urban Consolidation Center or Peer‐to‐Peer Platform? The Solution to Urban Last‐Mile Delivery. Production and Operations Management. Abstract The growing population in cities and booming e‐commerce activities create huge demand...

Retail Deliveries by Drones: How Will Logistics Networks Change?

Perera, S., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G. and Mookerjee, V., 2020. Retail Deliveries by Drones: How Will Logistics Networks Change?. Production and Operations Management, 29(9), Abstract Emerging technologies such as drone delivery services enable retailers to cost‐effectively offer...

Historical Journal Articles