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What is the role of DATA and RISK EVALUATION in the...

Data.  Data.  Data.  It seems all that I read about these days is DATA.  And how data, plus all things tech and digital are...

Costs associated with a last-mile delivery business such as Amazon

In this blog post I will attempt to estimate and understand the costs associated with operating a last mile delivery business such as Amazon. The data is from various public sources and may not always add up based on the assumptions made by each source in coming up with their numbers, but we can still take away a lot from these rough back of the envelope calculations.

How Target is Using Stores to Fulfill Online and Same Day...

Target first began doing same day delivery for their online orders back in 2017 when they partnered with a last-mile delivery company, Shipt, which...

Shared Mobility for Last-Mile Delivery: Design, Operational Prescriptions, and Environmental Impact

Qi, W., Li, L., Liu, S. and Shen, Z.J.M., 2018. Shared mobility for last-mile delivery: Design, operational prescriptions, and environmental impact. Manufacturing & Service Operations...

Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing

Reference: Lim, S.F.W.T. and Winkenbach, M. 2019. Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing. California Management Review, 61(2): 132-154.

Crowdsourcing Last-Mile Delivery: Strategic Implications and Future Research Directions

Castillo, V.E., Bell, J.E., Rose, W.J. and Rodrigues, A.M., 2018. Crowdsourcing last mile delivery: strategic implications and future research directions. Journal of Business Logistics, 39(1), pp.7-25. Abstract The...