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Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing

Reference: Lim, S.F.W.T. and Winkenbach, M. 2019. Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing. California Management Review, 61(2): 132-154.

A truck and drones model for last-mile delivery: A mathematical model and heuristic approach

Moshref-Javadi, M., Hemmati, A, Winkenbach, M. (2020). A Truck and Drones Model for Last-mile Delivery: A Mathematical Model and Heuristic Approach. Applied Mathematical Modeling, 80, 290-318 Abstract We present a mathematical formulation and a heuristic solution approach...

Wal-Mart’s Omni Channel Synergy

Reference: Lim, S.F.W.T., Wang, L. and Srai, J.S. 2017. Wal-Mart’s omni-channel synergy. Supply Chain Management Review, September/October: 30-37. Retail has always been competitive. But, with the rise of pure-play e-commerce giants like Amazon, an over-abundance of retail...

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