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Imaginnovate to Triple Tech Workforce by Next Spring

Response to the need for digital solutions in logistics industry

BENTONVILLE, AR, JULY 6, 2022 – Software creator Imaginnovate is hiring 200 additional developers to address tech talent shortfalls in the logistics industry. The logistics technology innovator said today it would grow from 100 software developers to 300 by next spring. Imaginnovate indicated it would deploy its engineers with transportation and logistics companies automating operations.

“The logistics sector has been investing in digital transformation as startups have arrived to challenge existing players,” explained Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. “This requires more developers to build new and customized solutions and we intend to be their talent source.”

Imaginnovate said its employment surge marks the largest growth effort in the company’s 9-year history. New developers would be based at an Imaginnovate technology campus in Visakhapatnam, India, the company said. The company opened its 16,000-square-foot office complex to develop digital solutions for the logistics industry.

Imaginnovate’s announcement comes just two months after it introduced a new Logistics Studio division. The company said its Logistics Studio would provide Digital Strategy, Technology Roadmap, and Digital Solutions for supply chain clients. Software developers in the Studio would serve as de facto in-house IT units for clients, Imaginnovate said.

“Many in the logistics and transportation space are clamoring for software tools to automate their business, but they don’t have the technology talent,” explained Mr. Vattipalli. “We’re adding expertise so that we can work side-by-side with clients to customize programs that make them more competitive.”

Technology is considered vital to the logistics sector as supply chains groan under the weight of unprecedented demand. Global trade growth has congested transport nodes and driven shipping costs higher. Imaginnovate said clients want to counter by automating labor-intensive operations. Atop the industry’s wish list:

  • Technology roadmaps;

  • Rating solutions;

  • Digital Freight Matching;

  • Carrier Management;

  • Integration;

  • Track and Trace applications; and

  • Back office automation.

New, tech-savvy players have saturated the logistics market, Imaginnovate said. It cautioned that industry consolidation is forthcoming and said automation would help dictate which competitors survive.

About Imaginnovate

Imaginnovate is an 9-year-old digital solution company supporting the freight transportation and logistics industry. It provides innovation for transportation and logistic companies ranging from start-ups to the nation’s largest carriers. Its solutions touch the entire supply chain and include: route optimization, load management, routing and scheduling, capacity management, fleet optimization and rate prediction. Imaginnovate has a 150-person development team working to automate freight transportation and logistics. Learn more about Imaginnovate at www.imaginnovate.com.

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