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Uber commissions Accenture to report on how Uber Eats affects the Australian economy

At a time when restaurant delivery services are busy delivering to people in lockdown, and busy launching IPOs or buying other restaurant delivery services, Uber Australia has released a report commissioned by Uber Australia into the effect Uber Eats has on the Australian market.

Notably, in an environment where several countries are forcing employee status on the gig economy, this report uses Uber’s new preferred terminology that drivers are “workers” instead of independent contractors, or employees.

There is also a reference to “59,000 work opportunities”, although they are not defined.

The report also suggests that food delivery spending is higher than pre-COVID, which is true, however the report does not acknowledge that Australia is not yet “post-COVID”. Although Australia has fortunately had less than 1000 deaths from COVID, there have been rolling lockdowns in major cities, and restaurants are not yet permitted to run at full capacity.

You can read the report here: https://ubernewsroomapi.10upcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Accenture-Making-delivery-work-for-everyone-1-1.pdf

And feel free to join in the conversation on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/retailhomedeliveryservices_uber-eats-delivery-partners-activity-6785082888988823552-DieX

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