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Hermes sets a new trend in cooperation with automotive companies

A few weeks ago, we learned about the cooperation between Hermes and Ford. It wasn’t long before we heard about Hermes working together with the VW Group.

Hermes and Ford are testing the Ford Intelligent MoDe software in London. The software shows the courier the closest safe place where you can leave the car to cover the last distance to the recipient on foot. Thanks to the communication between the courier’s smartphone and the car, it is easy to find the way to the delivery address and back.

The application is connected to the Hermes system, which allows customers to view the status of their deliveries in real time.

Also in Great Britain, Hermes with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and technology startup Neohelde are testing the capabilities of the voice assistant – Neo.

Neo will tell the courier the most important details of the selected delivery, such as the address, type of delivery, recipient’s details, additional information. To meet this task, Neo will integrate on-board vehicle systems and databases of courier companies.

If voice control works well in the area of ​​storage and picking, it will also be useful in the CEP industry.

Examples of messages:

  • the shipment consists of 3 packages
  • customer information: bell broken
  • note: shipment with RT and COD options

You don’t have to read on the road, remember details, and technology will tell you what you need to know.

Interesting projects affecting the environment, safety, quality and efficiency of the increasingly demanding last mile.

Can manufacturers of vans sell more thanks to supporting IT solutions dedicated to given industries (transport, CEP)? I am sure it is.

I think there will be more similar cooperation between the CEP, Automotive and new technologies industries.


Ford and Hermes consolidate last mile in UK

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Hermes launch parcel delivery voice assistant project

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